Mordacious Knits

Constance Willems, 244 pagina’s, Engels, 2019.

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PRIJS: 31.50


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Constance Willems portrays the world of knitting in a picture frame with her new book, Mordacious Knits. Unexpected stories from the art world with one common thread, knitting. After publishing Dutch Knits in 2015, Constance Willems is now presenting her new book, Mordacious Knits, biting in style, strange and scary, knitting in art stories, 1602-2020.

Packed with paintings, exciting and strange stories about international artists such as Vincent van Gogh, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Amedeo Modigliani and many other well-known painters, designs, knitted reconstructions and a number of knitting patterns. Mordacious Knits stories are based on true historical facts of all artists found by Constance Willems in her research over the past four years.

And based on knitters, who walk, stand or sit, knit on a rock, a chair, sofa or a park bench, inside or outside, in the living room, bedroom, in the conservatory, barn or in the kitchen, in the garden or in a park, by a river, lake, by the sea or in the mountains, or between the ruins in wartime, in quiet and not so quiet times, they continuously knit throughout the period from 1602 to 2020 in the paintings of all these artists.

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